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I’m a Fordham University graduate and a cyber consultant who now lives in Harlem. I spent most of my college career interning, working, volunteering, scheming, blogging, running, studying, exploring the BX and the other boroughs, getting enough sleep, and trying to learn as much as possible in and out of the classroom.

During my summers in college, I’ve interned at tech startups and consulting companies and during the school year I am usually helping out with sustainability/diversity initiatives on campus and in the local Bronx community. Since the Fall 2017, I’ve been working full-time as a cyber-risk consultant.

While I was a student I was busy with: running, volunteering, consulting for local and student-run businesses, advocating for social justice issues, practicing language learning, giving tours, planning community organizing events, practicing yoga and hiking, teaching college readiness workshops in Bronx schools, planning intentional travel, plotting passion projects, working 3+ part-time jobs, and exploring the boroughs with my friends.

Since I graduated I’ve been focusing on my passions for cybersecurity, tech, sustainable impact, whales, anime/animation/story-telling/fantasy, science-fiction, reading, community development, wellness, diversity, social justice, climate change, intersectionality, inclusion, representation, innovation, food/restaurant exploration and discovery, Venezuela, and wine/beer.

Hmu if you ever want to chat about those things!

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